Yah's Covenant Terms & Benefits


Yahowah's Five Terms, Conditions and Seven Benefits of His Covenant


The Five Conditions of the Covenant

1.     Walk away from Babylon, from corruption, from confusion, from country, from politics, from patriotism, from religion, from one's earthly family beliefs.

2.     Trust and rely on Yahowah which requires us to know Him by His Personal Name and understand what He is offering by observing His Torah.

3.     Walk to Yahowah and become perfect, which is achieved by accepting Yah's 7 Invitations (His 7 Feasts).

4.     Observe the Covenant, coming to know and understand its Terms, Conditions and Benefits so that we can respond appropriately.

5.     As parents we are to circumcise our sons, serving as a sign that we are committed to teaching them the Torah and raising them to become part of Yah's family. Becoming Yahowdym/Yahowah's Family.

The Seven Benefits of the Covenant

1.     Eternal Life (as a result of the promise of Passover)

2.     Perfection (and thus vindication and redemption) (as a result of the promise of Unleavened Bread)

3.     Adoption into Yah's Covenant Family (as a result of the promise of First Fruits)

4.     Enrichment and Enlightenment (receiving the Torah and benefiting from its Teaching) (as a result of the promise of Seven Sabbaths)   Empowerment (also part of the promise of Seven Sabbaths)

5.  Early evacuation from Tribulation (as a result of the promise of Trumpets/Taruw'ah)

6.  Excepted in Yahowah's Family with no Judgment (as a result of the promise of Reconciliations/Kippurym)

7.  Yahowah's Family spends forever with Yahowah in a new heaven and earth (as a result of the promise of Shelters/Sukah)

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