Yahowah's Seven Miqra'ey known as Yahowah's  Seven Festivals'

Yahowah has summoned His Covenant family to personally meet with Him on these, set-apart, called out and appointed meeting days of the year.

Yahowah’s Summons are to His Seven Miqra'ey, where He explains by fulfilling Prophetic examples, His seven step path to His Salvation. His Remaining unfulfilled last Three Prophetic Miqra Appointments are Trumpets, Reconciliations and Tabernacles.

Miqra means Appointed Meeting, set-apart day of the called-out

Miqra'ey means Appointed Meetings, set-apart days of the called-out

Summoned and Appointed Festivals for the called out, set-apart, anointed Yahuwdym, Yahowah's set-apart Covenant family meeting with Him annually.

Editors Note: Miqra'ey exact days are not as important as Yahowah's message incorporated into His Miqra. A thorough investigation of Yah's Miqra will expose His planned Set Apart days to hang out with us exposing His seven step path of Relationship of which salvation is a side benefit. Your understanding of the Miqra'ey far out weighs any religious or theological practice man has or ever will endeavor to fulfill them. As Yahowdym/Yah's Family, observance of each Miqra is to meet with Yah, have a day of Sabbath rest and to be a mental reminder of what Yah has done and what He is yet to do. Yahowah who two times Set Apart a portion of Himself, GOD with us Emanual/Yahowsha has already fulfilled the first three Miqra and on a daily basis is fulfilling the fourth, empowering you with His Set Apart Cleansing and Purifying Spirit. Soon He will fulfill the last three Miqra. Your personal and intimate relationship with Yahowah and understanding his specific path of relationship is your goal as well as your destination. In the process of your destination do not for get to Shout for Joy that you know Yah and belong to His Covenant Family. While Shouting a Warning to those who do not know Yahowah or His plan of Relationship with Salvation He calls the narrow way that few find, explained in His seven step path of the Miqra’ey.

See: Miqra'ey represent for complete details with Word of God references.

During the nearly 6,000 years of human history prior to mechanization, Yahowah told us to use the first sighting of the new moon to establish the first day of each new month. It was the best way to keep time and worked no matter where someone lived. Then, to adjust the lunar method of reckoning time with the solar year, God called the first month of His annual calendar “Abib.” The word describes the formation of young barley ears, the first grain to form in the Spring in Yisra'el.

Yahowah’s year thus began at the first crescent moon sighting after the formation of barley kernels. For all practical purposes, that is the new moon closest to the vernal equinox (March 22nd) each year.

The first three Miqra, Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits are celebrated in succession in the Spring on the 14th, 15th, and 16th day of the lunar month of Abib. They were fulfilled, played out in human history by the Ma'aseyah Yahowsha. He ate Passover with His disciples after Dusk on Thursday, March 31st, 33 CE. He served as the Passover Lamb on Friday, Abib/Nisan 14th, 4000, which was April 1st, 33 CE on our pagan calendar. He fulfilled the promises in Unleavened Bread the following day on the Sabbath of Abib/Nisan 15th, 4000, which we know as Saturday, April 2nd, 33 CE. And Yahowsha rose on First Fruits. That was Abib 16th, 4000 on Yahowah’s calendar and the first day of the week, April 3rd, 33 CE on ours.
Seven times seven days following the day after the special Sabbath of Unleavened Bread is the Festival of Fifty, named Pentecost in Greek. Seven Sevens was fulfilled right on schedule on Sivan 6, 4000, or May 22nd, 33 CE, when the Spirit came upon the ekklesia/called-out/out-calling.

In the Fall, on the 1st, 10th, and 15th day of Tishri, the seventh month, Yahowah reminds us to meet with Him and celebrate the prophetic Miqra of Taruw’ah/Trumpets, Yom Kippur/Reconciliations, and Sukkot/Tabernacles. They foretell the day Yahuwdym will be harvested by Yahowsha, the day Yahowsha will return (Tishri 10, 6000 which will be Monday October 3rd, 2033), and the beginning of the Millennial Sabbath (Tishri 15, 6000, which is the Sabbath of October 8th, 2033). It represents the time when Yahowah will camp out with humankind for one thousand years.

Here are the dates Yahowah established for His annual meetings with His family: The yellow highlighted are the feast Yahowdym are summonsed to attend every year as stated in Deuteronomy 16.
Our summons by the Set-Apart Spirit as Yahowah’s family is to attend all seven of Yahowah’s Feast.

Passover/ Pesach Abib – First Month 14th day (Starts at twilight of 13th)
Unleavened Bread / Matsah Abib – First Month 15th day (lasts seven days)
First Fruits/ Bikurim Abib – First Month 16th day
Seven Sevens / Shabuwa'
 (49 days) from the day after Unleavened Bread
Trumpets / Taruw’ah Tishri – Seventh Month 1 day
Reconciliations / Kippur Tishri – Seventh Month 10th day
Tabernacles / Sukkot Tishri – Seventh Month 15th day

These approximate dates of the Miqra'ey are superimposed on man’s pagan calendar: Yahowah is not clear in The Word of God "Towrah" as to whether we are to use the astrological New Moon or the Sighted New Moon to determine the exact day of the new month and of His Miqra'ey. So the examples below are just estimates and could be off a few days or even 29.3333 days if we missed something. So let not the dates bother you. Celebrating the fullness of the metaphoric value and understanding will be of the greatest value to you individually and corporately.

Starts At Dusk and Ends At Dusk the next day

Passover / Pesach Friday April 22
Unleavened Bread / Matsah Saturday April 23
First Fruits / Bikurim Sunday April 24
Seven Sevens / Shabuwa' Saturday June 11
Trumpets / Taruw’ah Sunday September 02
Reconciliations / Kippur Tuesday October 11
Tabernacles / Sukkot Sunday October 16

Understanding each appointed Mo'ed Miqra'ey

Pesach/Passover: The day where the Ma'aseyah Yahowsha paid the price with His own blood once and for all times for mankind's sin. His blood smeared on the upright pole the lentil and then ran down the upright pole and through the cracks in the earth upon the Mercy Seat


Matsah/Unleavened Bread: The Day where sin/Towralessness was removed by Yahowsha's blood sacrifice.


Bikurim/First Fruits:

Bikuwrym means “FirstFruits.” The Festival depicts, as the name implies, a

“harvest of firstborn children.” The Miqra’ is observed immediately after

Unleavened Bread, in that Pesach, Matsah, and Bikuwrym occur on three

successive days. The Feast was first celebrated as the Children of Yisra’el entered

the Promised Land. Therefore, it describes the homecoming of God’s family.


Shabuwa'/Pentecost: The Day where the Set-Apart Cleansing and Purifying Spirit comes upon those who are Yahowdym, Yahowah's Family, and empowering those who Trust and Rely upon Yahowah for everything in this life and life ever after. Now enriched and empowered by the Set-Apart Spirit, preparing them to become more effective witnesses.


Taruw'ah/Trumpets: The Day of Shouting for Joy, because you are in the Family of Yah and about to be evacuated out of this world, Shouting a warning to all you know that it is better to be evacuated than left behind to endure the Tribulation. This is the day of Evacuation/Rapture. So if you find yourself left behind after evacuation, these pages will be of much help and a very big surprise.


Kippurym/Reconciliations: The Day of Atonement where the Nation of Yisrael yields it's self to Yahowah. All about what Yahowah has done and nothing about what Yisrael have done.


Sukah/Tabernacles: The Day of Camping out with Yahowah. This is at the end of Tribulation where the evacuated and those who came to the family of Yah during the day of Atonement will spend 1000 years on earth working with Yahowah. But at the end of the Millennial Reign, Yahowah has another plan for His Family, where a new heaven and new earth will be created and all who have loved His Name Yahowah and loved His Word The Torah/Yahowsha the living Torah shall spend forever hanging out with Yahowah as His Family.


This is only a very brief description of Yahowah's Feast and not intended to be complete in anyway.

Miqra'ey what does it mean?

Miqra'ey represent find the details in the Word of God

Detailed Discription: Bless Yahowah The Feasts of Yahowah

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