Set-Apart Cleansing and Purifying Spirit

The word Holy used in English bibles is qodesh - "set apart, cleansing, and purifying." Something that is qodesh is either "set apart from God or separated unto God." The word Spirit in English bibles is Qodesh Ruach, or Set-Apart Spirit, is an example of the first. She is part of Yahweh, set apart from Him to serve us. A sanctuary, like the English bible word used Holy of Holies is the Set-Apart of Set-Aparts an example of the latter. It is something separated from the ordinary, from the profane and corrupt world surrounding it. Our mortal bodies become qodesh/set apart in this way when they are enveloped in Yahowah's Spirit.

Qodesh is from qadash, which is a different vocalization of the same consonants. Qadash means "to be prepared by being set apart, being consecrated, and then becoming dedicated." In actuality, consecration is really just a religious term conveying the idea of "dedicating or devoting something or someone to a godly purpose." This is what happens to us when we are immersed in the Qodesh Ruach, The Set-Apart Cleansing and Purifying Spirit.

Yahweh's Set-Apart Spirit is our Adoptive Mother. Those of us who are born anew from above, have Her to thank. According to the Word, she covers us in a Garment of Light which makes us appear perfect in Yahweh's eyes. She nurtures us, comforts us, enlightens us, protects us, empowers us, and acts as our advocate before God. The Set-Apart Spirit embodies every metaphor associated with fire in Scripture and Her primary function is to provide access to God.

Those who elect to form a relationship with God are transformed a second time when they are born anew from above by our Spiritual Mother. At this time they are covered in Her Garment of Light, clothed, dressed, draped and covered completely. It makes us look perfect in Yahweh's eyes. The Set-Apart Spirit also enlightens us, nurtures us, empowers, and emboldens us.




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